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Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Cat?

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Cats are cute, cuddly, loyal companions that make great pets. But sometimes they can be disasters just waiting to happen. Some are bumbling and clumsy, always falling off bookshelves and counters and running into glass doors. Some cats are sneaky and always manage to get into things they’re not supposed to, be it food plants, or harmful cleaning products.

Vet bills pile up fast, so cat insurance is an important investment that makes sure your feline companion gets the care she needs without draining your bank account.


If you have an outside cat, insurance is a must. Outside cats run the risk of being hit by cars, eating things that are toxic to their systems, and injuries from fights with other outdoor cats. Even if your cat’s outdoor space is limited to your backyard, there’s still a chance that she could get stung by a bee or have an altercation with a possum or raccoon. And if your cat’s an escape artist, that’s a whole other reason to get cat insurance.

Even if you have an indoor cat, you don’t know when you might need to take the kitty to the vet. It’s all too easy for cats (especially when they’re kittens) to miscalculate a jump and break a bone. And no matter how well you hide those toxic cleaning products, a determined cat will find a way to get into (and possibly ingest) them.

Even if you cat-proof your house, some things are inevitable. Cats can get tummy upsets from eating bad food or hairballs, ear and eye infections, respiratory diseases, and unfortunately, cancer. The last thing a pet owner wants is to depend on crowdfunding to afford their cat’s treatment.

So yes, you absolutely get pet insurance for your cats. Ultimately, cat insurance can save you thousands of dollars worth of vet bills and give you the peace of mind you deserve.