A Pet Club Reptile Supplies Different Types Of Reptile Vivariums And Their Uses

Different Types Of Reptile Vivariums And Their Uses

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Reptile Vivariums are the most essential part of any reptile house you can supply. Because your reptile will spend most of its life in nurseries, it is essential to buy a quality vivarium for your pet. A reptile needs a high-quality vivarium because it is there and spends most of its time. Below are the different types of reptile vivariums.

Plastic Vivariums

In general, plastic vivariums are small, and it is challenging to grow a mature adult reptile in this vivarium. The normal size of an old bearded dragon is about 22 inches. Unfortunately, if you grow it in a plastic vivarium, it will soon die than everyday life. The plastic vivarium is best for a young bearded dragon smaller than the size of an adult reptile. If you plan to breed a young reptile, the plastic vivarium will work. The normal cost of the plastic vivarium is also lower than that of the large vivarium. The plastic vivarium can be used until the young reptile transforms into an adult reptile.

glass reptile vivariums.

If you plan to keep reptiles such as turtles, it is a good idea to choose a glass vivarium. A large part of the glass vivarium has a wire mesh on top, which helps the reptile ventilate properly. Ventilation helps air circulation and prevents the reptile from overheating. It is good to create a small shelter inside because they are made of glass and transparent. It enables the reptile to hide or escapes when it feels stressed or anxious after noticing something outside the vivarium.

Wired reptile vivariums.

If you plan to keep reptiles such as bearded dragons or chameleons in your home, buying a wire reptile vivarium is a good idea. Although it provides the reptile with adequate ventilation, it is difficult to maintain the correct temperature. UV rays or other heaters can be used to maintain the right temperature in the wire vivarium. When buying, make sure the threads are well woven so that reptiles do not escape through the walls. Most pet stores have cable cages made of high-quality materials.

wooden vivarium

If you plan to raise the lizard as a pet, the wooden vivarium is the best bet. Not only does it prevent the lizard from escaping, but it also ensures that the correct body temperature is maintained for the lizard.